15 KW 480V 3P Portable Hazardous Location Heater

15 KW 480V 3P Portable Hazardous Location Heater

Price $38,329.00 $24,530.56
SKU: PHLA204803601524TDP
BTU /hr.: 51200
Fuel Type: Electric
Volts: 480
Color: Gray Housing/Yellow Cart
Brand: TPI

15 KW 480V 3P Portable Hazardous Location Heater

  • Heat Exchanger and Elements: Heavy walled, painted carbon steel with aluminum fins liquid heat exchanger, liquid filled with three-immersion type copper sheathed elements.  The elements shall have the highest quality nickel-chromium resistance wire encased in a magnesium oxide dielectric and be hermetically sealed into the heat exchanger core. The heat transfer fluid is Ethylene-glycol solution for operation to -49 degrees F (– 45 degrees C).  Stainless steel and aluminum pressure relief valve for overpressure.
  • Thermal Cutout High Limit Protection:  The capillary type manual reset thermal cutout shall be rated for 6000 cycles of service and mounted in the liquid filled heat exchanger. A pilot light to indicate power on, is located on control enclosure.
  • Motor: The motor shall be a permanent split capacitor type, permanently lubricated, ball bearing type. The motor shall be rated for hazardous location and operate at rated voltage of heater, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM.
  • Control Enclosure: All controls shall be factory installed and wired in a hazardous location enclosure. Contactors and back-up contactors are heavy duty type and break all ungrounded conductors and be rated for 100,000 cycles at full load. Standard 24-Volt control circuit shall be supplied by internal class II transformer. A factory wired integral thermostat. No fan delay relay.
  • Disconnect Switch: Factory mounted and wired hazardous location disconnect switch.
  • Cabinet With Adjustable Louvers:  The Cabinet shall be .125 inch Aluminum with powder coated epoxy finish.  Bronze fan guards with less than  1/4 inch spacing to cover motor and fan shall conform to OSHA Requirements.
  • Note: Before selecting a hazardous location electric heater refer to Article 500 or other applicable standard referenced in the National Electric Code.

    Features :

  • 3.0 through 25 KW rating
  • 208, 240, 480, 600 Volt available in selected capacities
  • Cart has anti-static wheels to reduce the risk of static discharge
  • Wheeled cart allows for easy maneuverability
  • Cart has integrated fork-lift channels to provide ease of lifting on to ramps or trucks
  • Excellent for providing seasonal heating in hazardous environments
  • All units have disconnect switch, pilot light, and thermostat - standard
  • 24 Volt control, transformer, and contactor in NEMA 7 enclosure
  • Durable epoxy coating on heater housing
  • Hazardous location unit mounted male / female plug
  • Adjustable louvers; manual reset
  • Made in U.S.A.
Model Number PHLA20-480360-15.0-24-TDP
Air Throw 43
Amp 19
BTU 51200
CFM 2450
KW 15
Agency Rating ETL-CUS
Phase 3
Temperature Rise 19.2
Voltage 480
Weight (lbs) 350
Color Gray Housing/Yellow Cart
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