Flat Panel Electric Overhead Infrared Heater

Flat Panel Electric Overhead Infrared Heater

Price $1,588.00 $1,016.32
SKU: FSS31201
BTU /hr.: 10748 BTU
Fuel Type: Electric
Volts: 120 V
Color: Gold
Brand: TPI

Heavy Duty Overhead Infrared Heaters for Indoor Spot Heating, Zone or Total Area Heating Applications.

  • High-Density medium wave radiant heat, with 60° symmetric heat pattern.
  • Approximately 78.5% efficient vs 50% efficiency of metal sheath elements.
  • More uniform heat pattern than metal sheath.
  • Rugged flat panel emitter, great for high vibration areas.
  • Gold anodized Aluminum housing for efficient, long term reflectivity & corrosion resistance.
  • Single or three phase wiring on select models.
  • "L" brackets included for chain suspension, or rigid mounting.
  • Field wiring box mounted on each heater.
  • Heavy duty wire guard factory installed.
  • 25,000 hour element life expectancy.
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Made in U.S.A.


Housing & Construction:
.040 Gold anodized Aluminum housing for efficient, long-term reflectivity and corrosion resistance. High-density radiant heat. Housing is ETL Listed for indoor, dry environment applications only. Made in U.S.A.

60 degree symmetric heat pattern, reference the sizing chart to determine overall coverage based on the mounting height.

Heavy duty flat panel emitter. Available wattages in 1450, 3150, 4300 and 9500 Watts per element. Available in standard voltages from 120 to 600 Volts.

Flat panel emitter heaters are not manufactured with any control device on the unit. All controls and accessories should be specified as remote mounted. Please consult the technical sales department of factory for help in determining applicable controls. Please follow installation instructions that accompany each heater.

Power contactor panels.

Heating Element for FSS31201 Heater
Price $1,062.00 $679.68
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