Quartz Tube Heating Element

Quartz Tube Heating Element

Price $198.00 $126.72
SKU: 671-3785
Fuel Type: Electric
Volts: 240 V
Brand: TPI

Quartz Tube Heating Element - 671-3785 TPI Quartz Tube Element Fits OCH-46 Heater - 2000 Watt - 240 Volt

This TPI Quartz Tube Replacement Element 671-3785 delivers 2000 watts of heating output and uses 240 volts of power. This nickel chrome alloy coiled element operates at approximately 16000 Fahrenheit at normal voltage and emits bright orange heating light. It fits OCH-46, OCH-46-SS & CH-46 Trimline models and has a life expectancy of 5000 hours with 4 years pro-rated warranty. Mount it at a height lower than 12 feet for indoor spot heating or total building heating.

TPI Electric Infrared Quartz Tube - 671-3785 - Specifications
Model No671-3785
Watts2000 W
Volts240 V
Diameter5/8" Diameter
Overall Length39-11/16 inch
Heated Length34-3/16 inch
Operate50 / 60 Hertz
Termination TypeStud
Fits ModelOCH-46
Color Temperature EmittedApprox.1800 degree F (bright orange glow)
Radiant EfficiencyApproximately 60%
Life Expectancy5,000 hours (4yr. Pro-rated Warranty)

TPI Electric Infrared Heater Accessories 671-3785 Features

  • Wattages - 2000 Watts
  • Voltage - 240 Volts
  • Life expectancy - 5,000 hours (4yr. Pro-rated Warranty)
  • Operate at 50 / 60 Hertz.
  • 5/8" Diameter frosted quartz envelope
  • Nickel-chrome alloy coiled element with porcelain end caps and stud or pigtailed termination
  • Color temperature emitted: approx. 1800degree F (bright orange glow)
  • Approximately 60% radiant efficiency
  • Fast heat-up/cool-down
  • Moisture resistance: High
  • Mechanical ruggedness: Good
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