Quartz Lamp

Quartz Lamp

Price $302.00 $193.28
SKU: 63025279
Fuel Type: Electric
Volts: 277 V
Brand: TPI

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63025279 Resources:

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63025279Specifications

Introducing electric quartz lamp, TPI 63025279, for clear horizontal burning. This heating element delivers 2500 watts of power while using 277 volts for smooth working. This efficient unit comprises of coiled tungsten filament and sealed porcelain end caps. It provides excellent resistance to thermal shock and has approximately 4100 F of color temperature for high brightness.

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63025279 Specifications
Voltage 277 V
Watts 2500 W
Diameter 3/8" Diameter
Overall Length 28-11/16 inch
Heated Length 25 inch
Operates at 50 / 60 Hertz
UPC 686334481762
Fits 342, 343 & MM-33A Series Infrared Heaters
Color Temperature Emitted Approx. 4100 F (High Brightness)
Radiant Efficiency Approximately 96%
Life Expectancy 5,000 hours (4yr. Pro-rated Warranty)
Weight1 Lbs.

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63025279 Features:

  • Horizontal burning clear quartz lamp
  • Wattage: 2500W
  • Color temperature emitted: approx. 4100 F (high brightness)
  • 96% radiant efficiency delivered with high moisture
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Instantaneous heat-up and cool-down performance
  • 3/8" diameter clear quartz envelope
  • Coiled tungsten filament located within a sealed quartz envelope, halogen filled, with sealed porcelain end caps
  • Model fits TPI 342, 343 & MM-33A series infrared heaters
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