Quartz Lamp

Quartz Lamp

Price $237.00 $166.85
SKU: 63016489
Fuel Type: Electric
Volts: 480 V
Brand: TPI

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63016489 Resources:

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63016489 Specifications

This clear quartz lamp, TPI 63016489, is an infrared heating replacement element that fits TPI 222, 223 and MM-24A series infrared heaters. It has a color temperature of approximately 4100 F with 96% radiant efficiency. This unit has 3/8" diameter in parallel of clear horizontal burning. It provides you excellent resistance to thermal shock with superb coiled tungsten filament.

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63016489 Specifications
Voltage 480 V
Watts 1600 W
Diameter 3/8" Diameter
Overall Length 19-11/16 inch
Heated Length 16 inch
Operates at 50 / 60 Hertz
UPC 686334481731
Fits 222, 223 & MM-24A Series Infrared Heaters
Color Temperature Emitted Approx. 4100 F (High Brightness)
Radiant Efficiency Approximately 96%
Life Expectancy 5,000 hours (4yr. Pro-rated Warranty)
Weight1 Lbs.

TPI Electric Quartz Lamp 63016489 Features:

  • Horizontal burning clear quartz lamp
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Color temperature emitted: approx. 4100 F (high brightness)
  • 96% radiant efficiency delivered with high moisture
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Instantaneous heat-up and cool-down performance
  • 3/8" diameter clear quartz envelope
  • Coiled tungsten filament located within a sealed quartz envelope, halogen filled, with sealed porcelain end caps
  • Model fits TPI 222, 223 & MM-24A series infrared heaters
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